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A family business…

The business began in 1950 when Giuseppe Romelli, after ten years experience with other firms, decided to start his own business to manufacture synthetic ruby for the watch industry. The business has since developed streadily, thanks to the father’s contribution as well as of his son, Sergio.

They have specialized in the manufacture of synthetic ruby and white sapphire for different applications. Now, thanks to more than sixty years experience in the manufacturing and machining of extra hard materials, the third generation represented by Luca Romelli is capable of guaranteeing a continuity which benefits the quality of the products offered to our clients.

Under the guidance of Luca, the company evolved following the core values of quality and innovation. The differentiation resulted in new processes, new products and new markets. Today the company is structured in three departments: Ruby & Sapphire, Porous Ceramics and Glue Cement.

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